Народність, така велика, така багата змістом та життєвими силами, не знищеними століттями насильницького гноблення, не може бути доведена до небуття гнітом і заборонами.

Усі ці утиски можуть лише затримати її розвиток, але не більше, і, кінець кінцем, вона не може не взяти свого.

Факти останнього часу утверджують у непорушному переконанні, що широкий і всебічний розвиток української народності — лише питання часу, мабуть — дуже недалекого часу.

(Михайло Грушевський, Нариси історії українського народу, 1904/2013)

Specialised scientific council:

INSTITUTE history of Ukraine Resolution of USSR Academy of Sciences Committee on Higher School of SNK was granted the award of the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences in 1940. That same year, the Institute began to take defense of theses. They took place at the meetings of the Scientific Council, whose composition was approved by the Presidium of the USSR. Prior to the Soviet-German war the Institute had to spend seven master's theses protection. PhD thesis defended at the Institute of the Institute of History of the USSR in Moscow (Peter, MN, ND Polonska-Vasilenko). During the war, scientists defended their dissertations at meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute of History and Archeology of the USSR.

In 1944 N. Petrovsky wrote a letter to the Committee for Higher School of SNK with the request to reopen the Academic Council for awarding degrees and approve approved by the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the Academic Council. But only 9 July 1945 the High Attestation Commission of the USSR was granted renewed Institute of History of Ukraine UkSSR take to protect their dissertations and based their defense to provide the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences in specialties "History of Ukraine" and "History of the USSR" 1. In 1954 added another specialty of "World history", later - specialty "Historiography and dzhereloznav- tion." In the 1966-1972 biennium. Protection occurred specialty "Archaeology".

In the late 1940's. Started to publish abstracts of dissertations. Since 1968 abstracts become the usual date for appearance - indicated where the work, the names of the supervisor and official opponents, the leading institution, date and distribution, scientific secretary of the council.

Since 1950's. Qualifications Academic Council began to operate independently, although the working and professional councils Scientists coincide. Only in the late 1960s. Was the post of scientific secretary of the qualification (specialized) Scientific Council. Since 1968 the Scientific Council of the Institute began to occur doctoral theses (by the time the Institute defended at the Academic Council of the Department of Social Sciences of the USSR).

Scientific secretary of labor: MI Suprunenko (1940-1941), F. E. Moose (1945-1948), G. Shevchuk (1948-1953), I. Slabyeyev (1953-1954), O. Lola P. (1954-1961), LO Leshchenko (1961-1965), M. Frolkin (1965-1968), VO Gorbyk (1968-1971), M. Frolkin (1971 1977), PS Goncharuk (1973), A. Lavrov (1978-1980), A. Pinchuk (1980-1995), NA thorn (1995-1998), VM Matyah (1998-1999). Since 1999 Scientific Secretary of the Specialized Academic Council is d. And. N. AI Gurzhiy.